• Information and publicity: 2 press conferences; 100 sets of folders, note-pads and pans; 1.000 informative leaflets; 1 website (RO/EN/BG); 3 permanent plaques; 2 press articles in local and regional mass media
  • Creating a joint system for cross-border risk management in Byala – Gradinari – Malu area: establishing a Joint Coordinating Committee for management and coordination of the risk situations
  • Improving the logistics for risk management in Gradinari, Malu and Byala: 3 electric power generators; 2 backhoes; 2 motor pumps; 1 tractor with trailer and snowblade; 1 water and foam truck; 1 tanker
  • Joint elaboration of a Guidelines for common management of natural hazards and other emergency situations in Byala, Gradinari, Malu: realization of 1 guidelines
  • Joint applications in floods, fire and winter-related natural hazards: 3 joint applications in communities – WINTER (Gradinari), FIRE (Malu) and FLOODS (Byala); 30 mobile phones and radio stations acquired for alarming/communication purposes
  • Awareness campaign on risk management in Byala, Gradinari, Malu: 4 public debates – 290 participants; 8 seminars in schools – 430 participants; 4 seminars in local public institutions – 200 participants; 10 training sessions for first aid – 180 persons
  • Establishing a joint partnership in the field of early warning and risk management: signing a cooperation agreement among relevant stakeholders for risk management
  • Project management