4. Joint seminar

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The implementation of the project GRADe by the partnership between Gradinari Commune, Malu Commune and Byala Municipality has proposed to contribute to improving the level of tactical and strategical coordination of the risk management in the cross border area.

By capitalizing the participatory attitude in the context of the measures taken by the three partners in order to harmonize the strategic approach of the risk management system, on 25th of February 2019, a joint seminar has been organized. The seminar has been dedicated to establishing a partnership for an efficient management of risk situations, a s well as outlining in general figures of a cooperation strategy for early warning.

The joint seminar has been organized in Giurgiu Town, at the Giurgiu County Council. The main topics have been: presentation of the result of the project, the elaboration of the cooperation strategy for emergency situations, as well as about the elaboration and signing of a Cooperation Agreement for a more effective risk management. Among the participants have been representatives from the following institutions from Giurgiu-Rousse area: Giurgiu County Council, Romanian Waters, National Agency for Payments and Social Protection, The Emergency Situation Inspectorate from Giurgiu, Bulgarian Red-Cross, Style Construct SRL – economic operator, Fire Department in Byala, …..Rousse – could you please complete the other participants, because I couldn’t understand the institution from the list.

Guidelines for common management of natural hazards

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